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EDC Range

The Sniper knives are always in stock.
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Sniper x












Blade 90mm(3.55”) Overall 180mm (7”)
This is a special Sniper, it has a Fracture Damascus blade and black/blue micarta handle. It is supplied with a zipper case, not a kydex sheath as normal as the kydex will surely mark the Damascus when pulled in and out. This is more of a collectable, rather than a using knife like the stainless steel Snipers. This is the only one that will ever be made in Fracture.

Price $400.00 delivered to your door worldwide.

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Twiggy 0






The Twiggy






Blades are 135mm (5,3”) Overall 210mm (8,3”)

I have these 3 Twiggy’s available at present, they all have Dragonskin blades and the top and bottom one has black maple burl. The middle one has Thuya burl on the handle.
They all sport Stanhope logo’s in the front of the handles.

Price $650.00 delivered to your door worldwide.

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Dragonfly Available






The Dragonfly






Blades 135mm (5,3”) Overall 240mm (9,4”)

These 2 Dragonflies are currently available, the both sport Dragonskin blades and Fracture Damascus bolsters with Maple burl handles. The Stanhope logo is in the bolsters

Price including shipping to your door worldwide $1300.00

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Pugio and sheath 2022












Blade 270mm  Overall 460mm

A modern take on a historical Roman design. Nebula Damascus blade with raised spine, Stanhope logo in the base of the blade. Titanium guard and pommel engraved with acanthus leaves and eagles by Jonathan Knoesen. Handle consists of 4 pieces of Black Jade and a Picasso marble centerpiece, flanked by Titanium rings. The sheath has engraved Titanium coachwork and is covered in fine leather. Truly a piece that would make any Roman Emperor proud!

Please contact me for pricing





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