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The Apollo 3






The Apollo






Blade 135mm Overall 230mm

Inspiration for these small boot knives came from a Peacock feather, combined with the afterburner of a rocket as it flies into space.
2 of these Apollo’s were made, the top one has a Nebula blade with 7 tapering  nickel lines down the center of the blade. The handle frame is engraved Titanium, with the engraving anodized blue to match the Lapis Lazuli inlay in the Titanium scales. Stanhope lens with my logo is found in the back of the handle. The Lapis inlays are very rare 2 tone Lapis.
The second (bottom) blade is carved Dragonskin with purple and green hues. Handle same as above with soild colour Lapis lazuli inlays.

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EDC Range

The Sniper and Topolino knives are always in stock.
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