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Everyday Carry Range


As most are aware I am predominantly an art knife maker, but it is also nice to be able to use a knife you bought, and doing so with an art knife will certainly detract from its value, so I developed a small fixed blade knife as well as a small slip joint folder that can be carried and enjoyed every day. These knives both have stainless blades and are specifically designed to be used and enjoyed. And of course they are a lot more affordable.



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The Sniper

Blade 250mm Overall 400mm

This is a small  knife that is designed to be carried horizontally on your belt. It has a quick draw Kydex sheath, so it can be in your hand in a second.

It is small enough not to attract attention and is an awesome self-defense weapon, but apart from that it is always at hand for necessary cutting chores.

I have been carrying the first prototype on me for 6 months now, and I feel undressed without it.
The belt clip on the sheath can be configured in 8 different ways, it even caters for left handed users.
The blade is N690 stainless steel, and is hardened to 58 Rc for excellent edge retention and ease of sharpening.
The handle is chequered black Micarta which provides a good grip even with wet hands.
An excellent gift for that special person in your life.

Overall length 170mm/6,5”

Please contact me for pricing, I will always keep Snipers in stock, so they are immediately available.





Sniper 2
Sniper 3


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The Topolino Folding knife

The Topolino (Italian for small mouse) is a unique  little folder that will snuggle into your pocket until you need to cut something, then it’s fine, sharp blade will take care of the chore.

Some 15 years back I built some Topolino folders, but this is a slightly larger re-incarnation of the same concept, which sits more comfortably in the hand.

It has a slip joint mechanism, the blade is N690 stainless steel and it comes in a stylish leather pouch, so it can be comfortably carried in a pocket.

The blade has 3 fine silver pins that assist to open the blade. Handle materials are usually highly figured Maple burl, or a variety of other hardwoods.

At the end of the handle is a Titanium ball that can be used to pull the knife from its sheath.

Overall length open 195mm/7,6”
Overall length closed 105mm/4”

Please contact me for pricing, and handle material options. I will always keep Topolino’s
 in stock, so they are immediately available.


Topolino 2




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