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The knives displayed here are one of a kind, handcrafted pieces. The Sahara and Makiti Folders all have the award winning Bertie Lock bolster tilt mechanism. The blade unlocks when open, by pushing both the bolsters up at the back, the blade unlocks and can be folded closed. This mechanism is unique and was developed by Bertie in 2001

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Bertie’s logo is to be found within a Stanhope lens on the knife. This method of marking his knives is unique and also it compliments the beauty of the knife, and it eliminates defacing the damascus blade with an etched or stamped logo.

To view the logo, the lens must be held quite close to the eye and on looking through the lens, his logo appears / is visible.


Stanhope lens: invented by Lord Charles Stanhope, an English scientist (1753-1816). It was ground from one piece of glass with one flat and one domed side. The object to be viewed is placed on the flat side . The convex side is held in front of the eye and magnifies the picture (logo).

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Jade Makiti 2


Jade Makiti

This is a rather special Makiti, let's start with the blade, it is a composite Damascus blade, the back portion is Nickel and Carbon steel alternating, I call this pattern Pinstripe, and this is welded to a piece of baby Dragonskin to form the cutting edge. Blade is carved as usual and coloured. 100mm blade, 220mm overall.

The handle is stainless steel with Black Jade inlays on either side, and Julien Marchal has worked his magic, doing a stunning job on the engraving.


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Seaspray 2

This is the second knife along this theme, it has 72 gold (24ct) inlays in the handle.


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Seaspray 2013



The Seaspray Sahara's both have Pinstripe and baby Dragonskin blades, the handles are coloured stainless with inlays of the finest Lapis Lazuli I have been able to source over the years. Julien Marchal designed and perfectly executed the gold inlays and engraving. These are some of the most special folders I have made.


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The Makiti

Blade 100mm Overall open dimension 220mm

Blade is carved and coloured dragonskin damascus. Handle is Picasso Stone. Bolster is meteorite and locking system is the Bertie-Lock bolster tilt mechanism.

Stanhope lens with makers logo is contained within the pivot.


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Alligator Makiti 2


The Alligator Makiti

This Makiti folder has all the usual good stuff, stunningly coloured Dragonskin blade, Bertie lock mechanism, and Stanhope logo, but the scales and bolsters are Rayskin Titanium, giving the knife a Alligator like appearance, hence the name


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Bertie Bali Butterfly Knife

Blade:110mm Overall length open 235mm

Blade is coloured dragonskin damascus. The handle is chevron anodised Titanium.

Stanhope lens with makers logo is in back of the handle.


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Dragon lady Sahara1


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The Dragon Lady - Sahara

This Dragonlady has a stainless damascus blade, stainless bolsters with a dragon's wing inlaid in 24ct gold, and the mammoth ivory scales are carved to resemble feathers. Sole authorship.

The Sahara folder was the first folder to feature the award winning Bertie-lock bolster tilt mechanism. It is essentially a lockback mechanism but to unlock the blade both bolsters are tilted upward at the rear and a pin connecting the bolsters together then lifts the lockbar out of the blade notch and releases the blade. As the balde is closed the bolsters return to their original position. See picture below...


Sahara Folders

Featuring the unique Bertie Lock, bolster tilt mechanism. Awarded the "Most Innovative Knife" (for the mechanism) at the Knifemakers Guild Show (USA) in August 2005

Top = Bronze bolsters, caramel Mammoth ivory handle, Dragonskin Damascus blade.

Bottom = Meteorite bolsters, Mammoth ivory, handle and Dragonskin Damascus blade.

Logo is found in a Stanhope lens in the pivot of the blade.

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***Please note that NO elephant ivory is used - the white ivory scales on these knives are White Mammoth Ivory ***


Art Sahara 3

Sahara Art Folder (Best of Show SA Guild 2007)

Carved Sahara Folder

Bronze Sahara Folder


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Sahara Boxes

If you have a Sahara Folder, then you need a presentation box for it. Box made using indigenous South African hardwoods and crafted by master boxmaker Brian Coetzee. Available from Bertie here to order


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If you wish to be notified of Knives for sale / available Knives or Show previews ... please email your name and contact details to


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