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Used Knifemaking Machinery and Equipment






If you have a knifemaking workshop for sale, or know of some-one who has given up knifemaking and has a workshop full of equipment for sale, contact us as we will facilitate the sale of all the equipment with our large database of knifemakers who are always looking for good machines.



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We are constantly buying and rebuilding machinery for knifemakers, Milling machines, lathes, surface grinders, precision drill presses, grinders and bandsaws frequently pass through the workshop.

If you are looking for a particular machine please send an email with your request and we will keep a look out for you and contact you should we find a machine for you.

Click on the address below and email directly.




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Deckel GK21 Pantograph






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Calling all folder makers. This machine will change your life.

Deckel GK21 Pantograph, the best German pantograph ever made.
This panto is in excellent condition, I have used it for 15 years and has done some amazing things in my workshop.
You can use it to profile knife parts, cut inlay pockets, do carving, the possibilities are endless.
It can even be used as a milling machine.
Ratio 1.5:1 all the way up to 10:1
I will even throw in a 60mm Groz machine vice.

R25,000.00 ex Magaliesburg (delivery can be arranged)

Don’t let this wonderful machine slip through your fingers.







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Hahn and Kolb Swing surface grinder














Calling all folder makers.

Hahn and Kolb Swing surface grinder.

This grinder works with a cupstone that swings back and forth over the magnetic table and can grind folder parts or other small parts very flat and very accurately to thickness. The machine was rebuilt by me when I bought it some 15 years ago and has ground all my folder parts in that time. It is a high precision German made grinder that will serve you well for many years to come. The main spindle has a 3 phase motor but that should be able to sort with a inverter if you don’t have 3 phase power. The magnetic table is 150x100mm and the machine has a coolant system that floods the work area.







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