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One on one Knifemaking course






This is a course that will change your life if you are serious about knives, You can plod along and discover things like new techniques etc by yourself, and I am not knocking it, that is what I did for the last 38 years, but it takes a long time and lots of trial and error. This course will fast track all that, and you will learn the correct way of making upmarket knives without having to spend 10 or more years developing techniques. Yes the course is expensive, but the knowledge you will gain and time you will save is probably worth ten times the cost of the course. Not to mention the beautiful, one of a kind knife that we will create and you take home

There is only one student, you, who will have my attention for 3 full days and evenings, and at the end of the course you will be well on the way to becoming a very good knifemaker.

We start with the design, and I walk you through the steps to create a great design, then the damascus gets forged to suit the design, premium materials are selected and the entire process of the making the knife is entertained. Afterwards all the different finishes are applied to cap it all off. If there are any specific areas which you need explained in a little more detail this can be done as well. To make such a knife is a lot of work to get through in 3 days, and for that reason we are also going to burn the candle a little and work into the evenings as well. Most people are shocked at how hard we work, so arrive well rested.

To get the maximum out of this course I suggest that you must at least have been making knives for a while, know how to hollow grind and have the basic machines needed to make a knife. The point of the course is that you make the knife with my supervision, not I make the knife while you watch.

The course fee also includes accommodation for 3 nights and all meals and refreshments. If you wish to arrive the evening before the course it is fine, then there is no rush in the morning and we can get started nice and early.

Another nice feature of this course is that it can be held when it suits you,  it is only you and me, so scheduling is flexible.

I guarantee that afterwards you will look at knifemaking with different eyes and this experience will move you years ahead instantly.


Course fee R17 500.00 excl Vat payable in advance.





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